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Weight Loss Hypnosis Sydney

Have you tried dieting, food plans, pills or supplements to manage your weight?


Or suffered endless tedious workouts? Has any of this worked for you?


If the answer is a resounding NO, you need a more effective, long-lasting solution like hypnosis for weight loss.


A whopping 95% of dieters regain the weight they lost within one to three years. This tells us that diet alone isn't the answer. Instead, we need to look at the emotional reasons for either eating too much or too little.


You were born with naturally healthy attitudes to hunger, food and your own body. Then at some point in your life, something happened to distort your body image and your relationship with food. Now, when you feel stressed, unhappy, vulnerable or bored, you habitually focus on food. Relationship or work problems are common triggers. The result could be cravings, yoyo dieting, comfort or stress eating, leading to an unhealthy weight and impacting your self-worth.


If this sounds familiar, hypnosis for weight loss can help you by resolving the underlying reasons for your eating habits. We can work together to change your mindset and the way you see food, helping you to overcome self-sabotaging habits. If you have a resistance to exercise, we can work on that too. By empowering yourself through your subconscious mind, you will discover an effortlessly healthy lifestyle.

My hypnotherapy for weight loss in Sydney offer effective solutions to weight and body confidence issues.

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How can hypnotherapy help with losing weight?

Unlike yo-yo dieting, hypnotherapy can really help you with weight loss, and maintain it over time.


Your attitude to your own body is deeply influenced by subconscious critical beliefs about yourself, and these are almost impossible to reach using your conscious mind alone. Because your belief system has been ingrained for so long, it has a massive impact on your relationship with food, trapping you within circles of dieting and comfort eating, that prevent you from losing weight.


Hypnotherapy for weight loss enables you to jump off the hamster wheel by reaching down into the underlying beliefs that drive it. Deep-seated emotions about food and body image, such as anxiety, shame and fear, are transformed through hypnotic suggestions. 


Your mind is then free to establish a new way of thinking, to build a confident and proud body image, and to retrieve the easy, joyful attitude to food you were born with.

What are the benefits of the hypnotic process for weight loss?

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Kick cravings to the curb using hypnosis

Because food is one of our basic needs, and the first desire we experience, it can become closely associated with deep feelings about survival and comfort. It's almost impossible to control cravings through sheer willpower, but hypnosis for weight loss works by tackling the underlying triggers that drive you to reach for that delicious but ‘evil’ treat. Hypnotherapy can help y restore a healthy relationship between hunger and food.

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Find joy in healthy eating

The first step to enjoying a healthy and delicious diet is to change the negative neural pathways in your subconscious mind that cause emotional eating. Once you are free from cravings and find confidence in your own body, you will be able to establish a healthy and delicious diet that's easy to stick to. By combining hypnotherapy for weight loss with support from a naturopath and/or nutritionist, I can help you every step of the way.

Hypnotherapy for food cravings, body image, snacking, emotional eating

Learn to love your body

Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see! Negative attitudes towards our own bodies are often fixed deep in our minds before we're able to understand them. Feelings of disgust, hatred and shame are incredibly destructive and common when trying to loose weight, and can result in a distorted body image. During your weight loss sessions, you will learn to love and nurture your own amazing and beautiful body. Hypnotherapy can transform the way you see yourself!

Are you ready to be in your perfect  weight, rediscover joy in your body and the delicious food it deserves?

How many hypnosis sessions with me will you need to lose weight?

Whether you want to lose extra kilograms, get fitter, eat healthier or drop a dress size or two, my hypnotherapy methods combined with mindset coaching can help you resolve any unconscious resistance that’s been sabotaging your efforts so far. It is hard to tell how many sessions you will need as no two people are the same. Based on our initial therapy session, I will devise a bespoke hypnotherapy plan that will help guide you gently towards your goal.

On average if you are also following a food plan and exercise, approximately six hypnosis sessions are recommended. 

By ridding yourself of self-sabotaging habits and beliefs, not only will you lose weight, but you will also discover a new-found joy in food and your beautiful body.


My recommendation is to always combine hypnotherapy with your preferred food plan. If you are struggling to find one that appeals to you, I would be happy to recommend a nutritionist that I used personally on my weight-loss journey or a naturopath who could help you find the best diet for you.


Working  on your mindset will help you reach your ideal weight and complete the transformation to a healthier, happier you!

Stay motivated to reach and maintain your ideal weight with ease.

Free yourself from emotional triggers that lead to those all-consuming cravings.

Learn to love the reflection you see in the mirror.

Feel healthier, more energised and filled with confidence.

How do I start with weight-loss hypnosis?

You can start by either booking a free 30 mins clarity call, during which you can ask me any burning questions you may have about hypnosis and how I can help you with weight loss, or if the above information answered all your questions, you can book your first initial 90 minute Zoom hypnotherapy session. During your online session we will look carefully at your goals and what may be getting in your way. If before the hypnosis you decide not to proceed, I will refund the money in full. Alternatively we will proceed with hypnosis and at the end of the session I will send you the link to book additional sessions. 

Have More Questions? Check my FAQ page or Hypnotherapy Costs in Sydney blog.

"I saw Natalia for support on my weight loss journey and she far exceeded my expectations by helping me release unhelpful ways of thinking as well as creating more supportive patterns. I now feel better both emotionally and physically and am seeing this translate into my behaviours and in my health. I was so impressed that I went back for some help in goal setting and in just one session discovered my true life purpose and a clear path forward. She truly has changed my life and I couldn't be more grateful. Not only does her process work but it was enjoyable also - Natalia has a lovely presence and an uncanny ability to help identify what is really going while holding a safe and supporting environment. Thanks Natalia!"

- Hypnosis for Weight Loss Reviews

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