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Everyday Mindset Signature Program

Reboot your mindset and reclaim the confidence to say YES to the life you really want, with the power of hypnotherapy.

Is This You?

You feel stuck. You find yourself continually avoiding the next step towards the life you want. 

It's like being blinded by the headlights of your own limiting beliefs – 'I can't do it because ...' Perhaps your self-worth has dipped, or you struggle with an overwhelm unsure where to start. 


You want to make lasting changes, but no matter what you do, you end up frozen, frustrated and feeling disempowered.


In truth, you're an action-taker, and you feel that your time has come – the time to become truly unstoppable in your everyday life. 

This is your time!

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It's time to give you a proper strategy for your mindset, one that works so you can finally unlock the invisible chains that hold you back and free yourself to live the life of your dreams.


You've Tried Everything 

Despite your attempt to remove obstacles and charge ahead into your best life, nothing seems to work. 

Perhaps you've tried other self-development tools or services and the effects have faded over time, landing you right back at square one.

Maybe you sabotage yourself when you begin to make progress. Or the path you're on doesn't feel good – something isn't right. You keep pushing yourself, but doubt and self-criticism have taken up residence in your mind. 

When a negative mindset lingers within you, it affects you every day. You become tired from trying to show up as the authentic you, when in reality, you're not even sure who you truly are.

What you need is a deep mindset shift – rapid and lasting!

Hypnotherapy can transform your life forever. By harnessing the power already within you, a whole range of issues can be resolved for good.

The reason for hypnotherapy's success lies in the subconscious. Research shows that up to 95% of what we do as adults is dictated by subconscious patterns learned when we were children. 


So your subconscious beliefs mould your mindset, which is the single most important factor influencing success. What you habitually think has a direct impact on what you do. 


Through hypnotherapy, we can bypass your conscious critical thinking mind. This lets us access and over-write destructive patterns deep in your subconscious. Then we create new, positive pathways in your brain, leading to a new, growth mindset.

You have the power to transform your life. Free yourself to take action!

What if You Could ... ?

What if you could hit the reset button?

Imagine deleting your limiting beliefs and rebooting your mindset to believe in YOU!

Rewire your mind with empowering beliefs, and finally reach your goals!


Get to the root of difficult feelings that prevent you from reaching for what you want and pull you back into self-doubt. Hypnotherapy disempowers the triggers hidden deep in your mind.


Crush the limiting beliefs, formed by past experience. Through hypnotic suggestion, they are over-written with true and lasting self-belief, enabling you to create the life you deserve.


Stop self-doubt from holding you back. Know that you are enough, you are powerful, and you deserve a fulfilling life! Hypnotherapy silences the inner critic and restores self-worth.

Why Choose Everyday Mindset?

I started Everyday Mindset because I have witnessed the power of the mind to transform lives. 

hypnotherapist in Sydney, hypnotherapy help, customised hypnotherapy services Sydney - Everyday Mindset

My name is Natalia, and I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist in Sydney. Almost everyone who comes to me is battling with the feeling that they are never enough. On the contrary, I want you to know that not only are you more than enough, but you already have the wisdom and power to heal yourself.

I became a hypnotherapist to help women gain the confidence and courage to show up in the world as their authentic self, take action towards their goals and live the life they truly desire.

As someone fascinated by both psychology and language, I have spent many years exploring the power of words on the mind. My first degree was in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, with a specialisation in English and German, where I studied how words influence, shape and express our cultures. Next, I moved to London where I studied Communication in Marketing and Advertising. This degree allowed me to explore the power of language to influence people’s buying decisions and achieve self-expression through their personal brand.

Eventually, I found my way back to the psychology of human behaviour and into hypnotherapy and NLP, where I could use the power of language to help people achieve the rapid mindset growth that may have seemed impossible in the past.
Just think about it for a moment: our beliefs are expressed with words, our values are defined by words, our decisions are made out of words, the boundaries of our conscious and subconscious mind are determined by the language we use daily.

In this program, I combine clinical hypnotherapy with neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) neurotherapy to achieve the best results for you.


Check my reviews to find out what my clients say about my services.


The results speak for themselves.

Introducing You to ...

Everyday Mindset Signature Program

The Everyday Mindset Program is a spring clean for your mind! 

In our one-to-one sessions, we will build your confidence and self-acceptance, working through your limiting beliefs towards change and a happier you.


First we will silence your inner critic, and then deal with the underlying emotional triggers and limiting beliefs that hold you back. This will free you to tap into what you truly want for yourself and your future, and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviour. 


You will experience mindset growth and feel your self-confidence blossom as you overcome underlying fears and worries, establishing inner harmony and healthy boundaries.


By altering your mindset, you will:


develop a healthy self-esteem


believe in your ability to succeed

find the power to make real change

overcome challenges

and create the life you want


Imagine the unstoppable you!

3 Steps to Success

The Everyday Mindset Signature program follows an EMI, Hypnotherapy and NLP mindset shift framework. It includes the following key steps: 

Uncover your deep-seated limiting beliefs  

Step 1 

How do you think outside the box when your language and belief system have you trapped within? Everyone has deep-seated beliefs about themselves and the world that are formed when we are most impressionable – during childhood. We're usually unaware of what these beliefs are until they're brought into the open.


When we dig beneath the obstacles in your way – procrastination, low self-worth, unhealthy habits, self-sabotage – we will find limiting beliefs. For example, your fear of failure may spring from the belief that you will be harshly judged and rejected.

Heal emotional triggers 

Step 2 

Emotional triggers can provoke extreme reactions to ordinary events. These are deep-seated, learned responses, often the result of early traumatic experiences. 


Your triggers are buried deep in your psyche, yet your feelings are very real and can be debilitating. Anxiety and depression are hard to understand, overwhelm or frustration might be difficult to explain, and sudden rage or panic can seem impossible to control. 


Emotional Mind Integration is a fast, healing technique for discovering the underlying pain, moving on from the past, and transforming the way you deal with everyday challenges.

Create new and empowering neural pathways 

Step 3 

Hypnosis harnesses the power of your mind to create new neural pathways based on positive beliefs. 


Now that we understand the obstacles in your way, we can craft a script that truly resonates with you and your authentic self. During hypnosis, these words reach the subconscious mind, effectively transforming the way you think about yourself. This means a whole new worldview that makes your goals truly achievable.


The changes are real and lasting, giving you the growth mindset you need to power ahead into the life you want.

Before you sign up, let’s have a quick chat about your goals and your challenges, and let me answer any questions you may have. This helps me tailor the program to your needs if you decide to take the plunge.

I call this my Clarity Call, it's free, and it’s the first step. Click the link below and pick a date and time that suits you.

Hypnotherapy Sydney

I saw Natalia in early 2021 in relation to my general internal lack of confidence.  I found her sessions incredibly uplifting and as I knew I was also ready for change in that area of my life, they worked incredibly well for me.  I have absolutely no doubt her sessions have helped me to feel much more confident which has now morphed into many other aspects of my life as I had hoped it would.  I would highly recommend Natalia as she is a genuine, caring and kind person and I felt very at ease with her whilst discussing certain aspects of my life and I trusted her implicitly.  I simply cannot thank Natalia enough and would not hesitate to go back to her again to assist me to make further positive changes in my life.

- Lesa, Sydney

What's Included?

In your Everyday Mindset Signature sessions, it's just you and me, focused 100% on your results.

This program takes a personalised approach, designed according to your needs. There are no group sessions, no videos, no cookie-cutter content. This is a three  to four month program.

You will receive:

3 x 90 minute private sessions of NLP and hypnosis or EMI, depending on your needs

3 x 60 minute private hypnotherapy sessions

2 x personalised hypnosis recordings

Insight into your key Jungian psychology archetypes: adult, inner child and ego

Personalised self-help strategies and skills that you can use any time to support your transformation journey after the program

BONUS: 2 x 60 minute sessions. Sometimes we may need a boost or our transformation journey takes a bit longer. For such cases you have these extra sessions as a bonus. You can choose to replace them with 1 x 90 minute support session.

How Does It Work?



This free phone call with me is your chance to ask questions, and enables me to determine exactly how I can help you.



We get started! If you decide to take action, you will receive an email with a questionnaire to complete. 

Based on our first session I will design a plan tailored to your needs and your unique experience. 

Untitled design.png


The final step is for you to enjoy your newfound power to forge ahead in your life! We can record your sessions so you can listen to them if you feel the need for further reinforcement.

It's your time – take the first step towards real and lasting change!