Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Hypnotherapy helps with a wide range of issues, though there is a CATCH! You must truly WANT that CHANGE. Remember when I said in my previous blogs that hypnotherapists are not magicians? We are not, but you are! All we do is help you create your magic.

Hypnotherapy Sydney

While many claim they want to make major life changes, we are often subconsciously sabotaging our success through habits and old belief patterns.

Think of weight loss or toxic relationship patterns. We all know that eating copious amounts of carbs before going to bed is not a good idea, neither is going out with an emotionally unavailable man. And yet, it is hard to resist those old choice habits and is much easier to sabotage our best efforts to change.

Hypnosis is the perfect tool for dealing with this, because both the root cause of the problem and the therapy itself take place in the subconscious. It’s like directly addressing the pilot rather than the flight attendant. The pilot (you) can still choose to ignore the suggestions but as you are more receptive and in a heightened state of awareness while under hypnosis, you are more likely to really hear the message and respond positively!

If you are looking for more details about my services you can check my next article "Will hypnotherapy work for me?"


To help yourself make that leap close your eyes and think of why you want this change? Where will it lead you once you do? What it is you are leaving behind?

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