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Mindset for Dating & Relationships

Break out of old patterns and find the love and relationships you truly want, with the power of hypnotherapy.

It's time to rewrite your story and find the love you deserve!

The Dating and Relationships Hypnotherapy Program helps you:

  • to understand what you want from any close relationship

  • to assess how happy you are right now

  • to defeat self-sabotaging patterns.


Perhaps you struggle to maintain healthy boundaries or find it difficult to communicate your needs. It's possible you have a deep-rooted fear of rejection that leads you to become anxious, go for the wrong guy, or even flee from commitment. 


Using hypnotherapy and the power of solution-focused coaching, we will find out what's holding you back, so that you can let go of the past, enjoy healthy relationships, and find authentic love.

Shift your mindset, shake off your fears, and get ready for real love, with the powerful Dating & Relationships hypnotherapy program. 

Improve your relationships with hypnotherapy

Whatever your relationship status, you might feel that true love and fulfilment elude you. Check to see if any of these statements is true for you.

  • You believe a loving relationship can bring meaning, comfort and happiness, but it doesn't seem to happen to you.

  • You think you'll never meet the right person, as if you're destined to be alone.

  • You don't feel good enough, deserving or even loveable.

  • You feel under pressure to be in a relationship, but you're not sure this is what you want.

  • You believe you're too old now to find romantic love.

  • You'd rather be alone than going through the pain and heartbreak love always brings.

  • You're with a partner, but you don't feel fulfilled.

  • You keep winding up in toxic relationships, or with partners who won't commit.

Many women will tick one or more of these boxes at some time in their lives, so you're not alone. While every story is unique, one thing I guarantee will be true for you. Deep down, you will carry underlying beliefs about yourself and relationships that hamper your search for true love and satisfaction in life. These beliefs will continue to sabotage your relationships until you override them with a new, positive mindset.


Whatever your reason for coming to this page, you can change your story forever, crafting a new, more authentic way of being in the world, and in relationships.

Clarity of mind creates attraction and manifests the dreams
we are chasing.

What if You Could ... ?

What if you could delete the patterns of the past? Imagine living freely as the authentic you AND feeling truly loved! What more could you want?


What do you want for yourself and your life? Is this request coming from your heart or from your head? Do you truly want a relationship? Hypnotherapy puts you back in touch with your authentic self and helps you understand and resolve the root cause for experiencing conflict in your relationships.


Discover the reasons for destructive patterns in your relationships. Hypnotherapy enables you to break old habits and beliefs, empowering you to restore a healthy balance in love and life. If you still have that lingering feeling towards your ex relationship, it will help you to close the loop and enable you to mov forward.


Rewrite the story you’ve been telling yourself, and clarify your true wants and needs. Gain back that charisma and confidence of your inner Goddess when dating. Hypnotherapy helps you forge new ways of being and feeling about yourself, so you naturally attract real love and manifest your dreams.

You can have true love in your life while remaining free to be you!

Holding Hands

Introducing you to ...
The Dating & Relationship Program

Begin to confidently choose relationships aligned with your true self.

The Love and Relationship Hypnotherapy Program will leave you feeling empowered! 


We start by exploring what's happening right now, looking for repeated patterns, and discovering what you truly want and need from close relationships. 


Hypnosis helps us to dig deeper, uncovering the buried belief system that sabotages you. By eradicating those negative beliefs, and establishing a growth mindset, you can begin to build new, healthier relationships from a place of confidence and self-love.

The Love and Relationship Hypnotherapy Program will leave you feeling empowered! 


We start by exploring what's happening right now, looking for repeated patterns, and discovering what you truly want and need from close relationships. 


Hypnosis helps us to dig deeper, uncovering the buried belief system that sabotages you. By eradicating those negative beliefs, and establishing a growth mindset, you can begin to build new, healthier relationships from a place of confidence and self-love.


Learn supportive self-talk and genuine self-love. Build confidence and trust in your ability to choose love, and set boundaries in line with your authentic self.


Find the emotional triggers deep in your subconscious that sabotage you. Override them with a powerful new mindset and clear vision of what you want in love and relationships.


Release yourself from the pressure of expectation and the shackles of the past. Become totally free to choose the love and relationships that are right for you.


Discover a whole new you, empowered to find the love you want in your life. In romantic love, friendship or family, you will experience a new way of loving and being loved.

Book Your Sessions Today

In this one-on-one program, you will be working directly with me in our online sessions, using hypnotherapy and solution-focused NLP coaching. 


Hypnotherapy is extremely effective and therefor does not require ongoing sessions. Typically we are able to resolve any issue within 3-6 sessions.

While in general I find that 6 sessions are enough for most clients, everyone’s healing journey is unique. During the final session, we will assess if you need to work through any specific triggers or limiting beliefs that were uncovered during our sessions. If so, you will have the option to add on more sessions at a special rate.

One Session 

  • 90 mins online hypnotherapy session

  • For those who prefer to opt to pay per session at a time.

*If you want to book your first session as a solo and to continue decide to purchase half-program or full program, the cost of your first session will be deducted accordingly.

Half- Program/ 3 sessions

  • Up to 90 mins bi-weekly sessions

  • One Personalised Recording to compound results

  • 1 x self - help tool for that extra confidence or healing boost 

Complete Program/
6 sessions

  • up to 90 mins bi-weekly sessions

  • Two Personalised Recordings for maximum results

  • Inner Child Healing hypnosis

  • Additional self-help tools incl. self-hypnosis

Common Questions

How can hypnotherapy help me?

You might believe that you are already inviting true love into your life, but it continues to escape you. In reality, it's likely that, deep down, something is actually making you push away love and happiness. 


Many of our true beliefs and emotional triggers are deep-seated, formed earlier in life when our psyche is at its most vulnerable. They sit at the subconscious level, beyond our awareness, which makes them impossible to reach and overcome through conscious thinking.


Hypnotherapy is a way to bypass the thinking mind, reaching into the subconscious to throw light on our underlying emotional triggers and beliefs. We are then able to work on forming a healthier belief system for a brand new way of seeing love and relationships.


Hypnotherapy has been shown to work more quickly than other therapies, with more effective results.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

If you are committed to healing, you will be able to relax into a trance without too much trouble. As time goes by, it becomes easier, and eventually you might find yourself able to sink into a deeper trance.


It's important to understand that you don't become unconscious during hypnosis, nor can you be made to think, say or do anything. A hypnotic trance can be likened to day-dreaming, or at a deeper level, the state between sleeping and waking. You remain in complete control and you can stop a session at any time and communicate your needs and wants to your therapist.

Is it expensive?

Hypnotherapy is not expensive when you measure it against the alternatives. Other forms of therapy generally require many sessions to be effective, sometimes even years. With hypnotherapy, you will begin to see results within a few sessions, and these results will last, which means you won't need to keep returning for more help.


Even if you were to avoid therapy altogether, think of how much you spend on activities that dull your pain, such as drinking, smoking, comfort eating or shopping.

The Love and Relationship Program costs $1,950 and is designed to empower you to bring lasting, authentic, healthy love and fulfilment into your life! A result like that is surely priceless? So if you're wondering whether you can afford to sign up, can you really afford not to?

Give yourself the gift of love and the freedom to follow your dreams!

If in Doubt...

For any hypnotherapy program to be successful, it is essential for you to be 100% committed to change, and to feel a rapport with your therapist. 


I want to make sure the Love and Relationships Program is exactly what you need. If in doubt the first step would be a FREE 20 mins chat about your goals and your challenges. This is also your chance to ask me any questions you may have. 


If we discover that this program is not the best solution for you right now, I will let you know and advise on the support that would suit your needs better.

"Natalia is such a kind, warm and naturally giving person with so much knowledge, insight, intelligence, experience and training. She puts so much thought and preparation into her work which instantly makes you feel listened to, safe, calm and cared for. Each session was very personalised for my specific needs, and as a result I have already seen huge results. My experience of her hypnotherapy and coaching has already been so healing, transformative and invaluable. I have only had a few consultations so far, but having seen and felt the benefits, I will definitely continue working with her. I would recommend her to anyone. You’re a beautiful and talented soul, Natalia! Thank you!"

- Rebecca, Sydney

Why Choose Everyday Mindset?

I created this program because I’ve been where you are.

I know what it feels like to experience those bursts of fear that you will never find love. I clearly remember wanting to prove to the world that I was OK being alone, and yet not truely feeling it. I have met many intelligent and beautiful women with similar thoughts and struggles. 


And this is where I got my inspiration - from our stories. I believe in you 100%, and I know you deserve love and happiness, even if you do not yet fully believe it yourself. 

In this program I use solution-focused coaching techniques and transformational hypnosis-based therapy. Together, these techniques are a powerful method to create a positive mindset that enables you to find the path that is true to your heart. 


The power of your subconscious mind is limitless. Imagine us tapping into that inner power of yours? Just think what you can do and be, once you allow yourself to dream BIG and release your inner goddess. 

Sydney Hypnotherapist