Costs for Hypnotherapy in Sydney

'The most important investment you can make is in yourself...nobody can tax it or take it away from you'

-Warren Buffet

How much do I charge?

How much do I charge in my Sydney hypnotherapy practice? It depends ... I'd love to give you an exact figure, but hypnotherapy sessions vary in length and type. This means I can only give you a price once I understand what you need.


Book a free Clarity Call with me to discuss your situation. I can then advise you on the sessions you may require and provide a quote. 


In the meantime, the information below gives you a ballpark.

Hourly Rates for Hypnotherapy

I charge $250 per hour, with a discount applied for packages of 4 or more sessions.


Depending on where you are in Australia, hypnotherapists charge an hourly rate ranging from $170 to $300. Hypnotherapy in Sydney is usually $200–$250 per hour. This is in line with other mental health services. 


Often, the fee for your first session includes an initial consultation. I offer a free Clarity Call to help you decide if hypnotherapy is for you, and for me to understand what you need.


Rebates for Hypnotherapy Costs

Clinical hypnotherapy is not covered under Medicare, but several private health funds may refund a portion of your costs. Please contact your health fund to check the details of your policy before booking a session.


Length and Number of Sessions

Each session lasts 1 to 2 hours, depending on the type of hypnotherapy we choose for your situation. For example, Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) requires up to two hours per session. 

Like any therapy it takes a few sessions to build changes. Hypnotherapy works fast, so you will probably only need around 4 sessions – unlike other therapies that can go on for years!

There are, however, some situations that will take longer to address with some (especially medical issues) taking up to ten sessions. 


A Final Thought

Like many other psychological therapies, hypnotherapy has the power to transform your life. But it works faster, which means the overall cost is much lower. 


Without taking this action for change, you might turn to other supports to feel better, such as retail therapy, drinking, smoking, food and binge watching TV. Add up the amount you spend on these activities or the amount of potential earnings you are missing out on, and hypnotherapy doesn't seem expensive.


Hypnotherapy is proven to be extremely effective in tackling a range of issues, from addiction to stress. So if you're wondering whether you can afford to try hypnotherapy, can you really afford not to?