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Therapy for Phobia & Fears
Sydney Hypnotherapy & NLP 

It is time to stop your fears from controlling your life. With NLP &  hypnotherapy for phobia you can ban those fears for good. 

  • Are you fed up of not being able to do the things you want in life​?

  • Had enough of feeling out of control, self conscious and embarrassed?​

  • Tired of battling your phobia with avoidance alone?

  • Frustrated with all the advice of 'stop overthinking it and just face it'?

You know your fear is irrational but you struggle to change your mindset. Phobias can be exhausting, causing worry, anxiety and dread. Most importantly they stop you from living your life to its full potential. The danger feels real and you feel powerless to stop it. 

Hypnotherapy for phobia and fears can help you win your power back! Imagine rewiring those feelings and thoughts and rebooting your mindset so you could feel safe, calm and in control.

NLP & hypnotherapy for phobia and fears may just be exactly what you need!

What if I told you that getting rid of your irrational fears is easier than you think?

How my services can help you

Phobias are anxiety disorders that get triggered by a stimulus, such as certain situations, objects, animals or people. I can help you let go of unhelpful, subconscious beliefs that have been causing your irrational fear. Hypnotherapy for phobia may just be exactly what you need.

Using hypnosis and NLP techniques we will change your perspective and help you feel in control at all times. This is a brief therapy approach with most of my clients seeing positive change in just a few sessions.

Please be aware that I can only help people who genuinely want to be helped. If you are buying this as a gift for a family member or a friend I will have to speak with them first to confirm their commitment to their change.

Dancing in Park after NLP phobia cure therapy treatment

How will my therapy sessions work?


Get to the underlying cause of your phobia or fear


Change the way you think and feel in the moment


Choose and adopt a different response habit for the future


Enjoy the life-changing results!

Take your power back today!

For more information on how I can help you overcome your fear or phobia using my online hypnotherapy and NLP services, book a free Zoom 30 mins consultation.


We can talk through your symptoms and I can explain how I might be able to help.

sydney hypnotherapist with  a black cat offers hypnotherapy for phobia online

What my Clients Say 

' I went to see Natalia to try to get rid off my cockroaches phobia. I've never experienced hypnosis not to mention hypnotherapy for phobia before. After a single session with her, I am now able to go out at night during summer time (yes before that it was a real struggle), I am able to walk away quietly when I see one (before I would scream and stay frozen or run), I can stay at friends’ place when they have their windows open (before I would have done everything I could to leave early). This has been life changing.' 

- hypnotherapy for phobia

Is hypnosis really effective to get rid from phobia?

Phobias can be divided into simple and complex forms. The simple forms are treated by a symptom-oriented therapy or NLP fast phobia cure technique. The complex, aka learned phobias, occur as a result of a negative experience, often in early childhood. Furthermore, phobias can also occur as a defence mechanism for some other underlying problem. Clinical hypnotherapy has proven to be effective for treating complex phobias and fears.

Hypnotherapy for phobia has helped many people, including myself. Since I remember, I have been afraid of dogs. For many years I didn't even think this was something I could get rid of until my hypnotherapy training in Australia. Now living next to a dog park does not bother me, and I can enjoy my walks free from fear without crossing to the other side of the road when a cute puddle or a big dog passes by.


Now, I want to reassure you, your life can change and you don't have to become a hypnotherapist to do so. I have helped my clients and friends to get rid of their phobias, including fear of flying, cockroaches, cats, public speaking and even odd food phobias.  

How many NLP hypnotherapy for phobia sessions will I need?

Most people experience positive results after the first session. In some cases, an extra session or two may be needed to fine tune the result. It does depend on the phobia and underlying reasons.

Will you all of a sudden fall in love with the object of your phobia? Probably no, but the phobia treatment is not about changing who you are, it is about relieving you from symptoms and enabling you to do things you previously were too afraid to do.  

The kind of results you can expect are a sense of relief and a release of tension and anxiety. It's not uncommon for my clients to move from a place of fear around the specific threat to feeling nothing and having a normal reaction that the majority of people do in similar situations.

Usually, this takes place with penny dropping moments, new realisations and discovering more about yourself to shift old fear-based beliefs.

It's your time – take the first step towards real and lasting change!

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