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Welcome to Taking Your First Step!


What to expect in your first online transformation session

Step 1. At the beginning of our session I will explain in more detail about the structure of the session, so you are fully aware of what to expect and feel comfortable.

Step 2. We will discuss your goal in more detail and identify your key areas of focus for this and upcoming sessions. We will then discuss the treatment plan and the number of sessions that would best suit your goal as well as the payment plan.

Step 3. During our first session if you decide to use hypnotherapy, the hypnosis may last up to 30 mins. In future sessions, the time of the hypnosis will vary depending on your goal and needs. 

Step 4. At the end of the session we will debrief and agree on your actions and self-help tools you can use. We will also discuss and book the time for your future sessions.

Session is conducted via Zoom. 


Come prepared with: 

- Headphones with built-in mic 

- Quiet and comfortable space free of distractions 


Your initial investment is $240 per first session, up to 90 mins.

Time is our most precious commodity. If you cannot attend please cancel or re-schedule the event minimum 48hr in advance. 

Hypnotherapy for Women Sydney
"I had 8 combined life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions with Natalia and was blown away by the quality and depth of the work we did. All sessions were online, which meant I didn't need to go anywhere and could do it from the comfort of my home. Natalia helped me clarify my goals and identify limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I had multiple aha moments and seen some real shifts since. I've tried many types of therapy and this style with Natalia is by far more effective than typical coaching or talk therapy. Thank you Natalia!"
- Michelle, Confidence Signature Mindset Program