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  • Is hypnotherapy legit?
    Hypnotherapy is legit. It is an evidence-based therapy that has been used by medical and healthcare practitioners for over a hundred years. It has shown some remarkable success in treating smoking, weight-loss, addictions, phobias, anxiety and depression. As science progresses and we are able to more accurately measure and observe how our brain operates, hypnosis is becoming more popular, especially for self-development. While most talking and coaching therapies work with your conscious mind, hypnotherapy similar to deep meditation offers access to your su​conscious mind helping you change those deep ingrained habits and beliefs, making it that much easier to then change them on a conscious level. You can read more about hypnotherapy and how it works in my Sydney Hypnotherapist blog or on my page about hypnosis Sydney.
  • Will I become unconscious during hypnosis?
    Based on my personal experience with hypnosis and experience with my clients, I support the statement that all hypnosis is in fact self-hypnosis. It's not something that can be done to you. ​ It's important to understand that you don't become unconscious during hypnosis, nor can you be made to think, say or do anything. A hypnotic trance can be likened to day-dreaming, or at a deeper level, the state between sleeping and waking. You remain in complete control and you can stop a session at any time and communicate your needs and wants to your therapist. ​ If you are committed to healing, you will be able to relax into a trance without too much effort. The more sessions you have, the easier it becomes, and eventually you might find yourself able to sink into a deeper trance.
  • What is the average cost for a hypnosis in Sydney?
    Hypnotherapy is not expensive when you measure it against the alternatives. Other forms of therapy and coaching generally require many sessions to be effective, sometimes even years. With hypnotherapy, you will begin to see results within a few sessions, and these results will last, which means you won't need to keep returning for more help. You can read more about the average cost for a hypnosis in Sydney here.
  • Is hypnotherapy 100% guaranteed to succeed?
    No therapy is 100% guaranteed to work. However, the rates of success encountered with hypnotherapy are often much higher than other complimentary therapies. Although these methods are incredibly powerful and effective, it is not a passive process - it requires the participation and cooperation of the person undergoing the treatment. Results from any therapy or coaching are very much a reflection of an individual's desire to change. I can, however, guarantee my competence, care and experience in helping to inspire positive change.
  • Can you change me into a different person with hypnotherapy?
    No, I cannot. If hypnotists could do that, the world would be full of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs versions.Hypnotherapy is like any other therapy in that it only helps you to make changes in the areas you want to improve. Hypnosis is safe, effective and works very quickly compared to other types of therapy. But it isn’t magic, even though it may seem this way. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a new habit and then a minimum of 3-6 consecutive (weekly) sessions to yield the best results.
  • Are online hypnotherapy sessions as effective as in-person sessions?
    Absolutely! Online therapy sessions follow the same structured approach as face-to-face sessions, and ever since Covid, I have run all sessions with my clients this way. A systematic review in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (Vol. 14, No. 4) states that “e-therapy seems to be at least equivalent to face-to-face therapy”. Having sessions at home also offers extra advantages, such as saving you time on travel, creating your own relaxing space (a comfortable chair, soft blanket, or essential oils diffuser) and further enhancing the relaxation effects of the session by not having to travel home.
  • Is online hypnotherapy safe?
    Yes, it is safe. If you have seen how hypnosis is portrayed in film and television, remember this is all about creating drama. There is absolutely no chance of becoming stuck in a hypnotic state, and it’s impossible for someone else to take over your mind. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which means you decide if you want to be hypnotised, you remain conscious during your hypnotherapy session, and you can stop it at any time. The most that can happen is that you may doze off, which is very rare.
  • What do I need to do to ensure my online hypnotherapy sessions are effective?
    It is best to use a tablet, laptop or computer for your online therapy appointment rather than a smartphone – something that won’t require you to hold it. You will need a webcam and microphone – built in ones are fine. It is not necessary to create the perfect ambient, peaceful setting for your online hypnotherapy session. It would be beneficial, however, to find a room with minimal disturbance from other household members and pets, and to ensure you have turned off your mobile and all apps on your computer. Find somewhere you can comfortably sit down and where I will be able to see you clearly via your computer’s camera. You need to be visible and comfortable.
  • What happens if we lose connection?
    I will discuss with you beforehand a plan of action, but rest assured that hypnosis is a wonderfully safe treatment and you remain in control at all times. Should we lose connection, your subconscious will invite you back to full wakefulness and I will contact you via phone, text or email to reconnect.
  • What do I need to get started?
    Good internet connection Headphones with built in mic Comfortable place with a head rest An open mind

Allow up to 2 hrs for your sessions. We start with a chat about your situation and what you want to achieve from the hypnotherapy treatment. I will ask you pointed questions to identify your current beliefs and thought process that is getting in your way. It will help me to determine which mindset and hypnosis techniques will be best for helping you to create the mindset shift you need. I’ll explain how hypnotherapy and the subconscious works, and how I might be able to help you reach those goals. 

After the initial conversation, I will advise if there are any mindset techniques that you need to practice between the sessions. It is important that you complete them as advised as it will help with the change and speed up the transformation process.

I will then guide you into hypnosis, that helps your subconscious become more open and receptive to what you consciously want to achieve. Remember, hypnosis isn't about mind control, it is a collaborative process. Your mind will only accept the changes that you 100% agree with and want to happen. This is why your sincere desire for change is key for getting a rapid result. Let me reassure you that there is no right or wrong way to experience hypnosis, the key is to remain open to the possibilities. Some clients find their mind wonder and they stop paying attention to my words, and others are more curious and happy to follow the guidance. Hypnosis is a very a pleasant experience, and once the hypnotherapy session is over, clients say that they feel more relaxed and energised. 

After the session, I recommend that you drink some water and spend a few minutes enjoying the resourceful and relaxed state after the hypnosis. As my sessions are online, you won't have to worry about rushing home in a traffic and can simply enjoy the experience longer, knowing that the powerful elements of the session will be processed ‘behind the scenes’ at a deeper level within your subconscious. 

What to expect from your hypnotherapy session?

What happens in your subsequent sessions?

Allow up to two hours for subsequent sessions. We will start with a brief catch up to note the progress and what else needs to happen for you to achieve your treatment goal. Then I will utilise a mixture of mindset therapy and coaching techniques to add on to these changes so they become even more ingrained. Some cases require a reflective process where we identify and let go of underlying triggers. In others, rather than looking at the root of the problem, we use future solution focused techniques finding even better and more effective ways of achieving your goal. The time for you subsequent sessions will vary between one hour and two hours as it will depend on your goals and you mindset at that time.

How soon will I see results from hypnotherapy?

Everyone experiences change differently. For some it comes right away, for others it is more accumulative, or retrospective. As we're bringing in an alternative perspective to your mind, it's common to have an Aha! moment in-between the sessions. Sometimes change may take you by surprise without you realising it consciously at once. The truth is, that your subconscious mind  already has all the answers and solutions for you, we simply need to help you unlock it.

Confidentiality and Support

Confidentiality is paramount in all our sessions. What we discuss and uncover during your therapy stays private, providing a safe space for you to openly work through your challenges. You can rest assured that your journey of transformation is supported with the utmost respect and discretion.

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