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I'm Natalia, a certified hypnotherapist in Sydney with a passion for helping women transform their lives through rapid mind shift.

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My Story

Practising hypnotherapy in Sydney wasn't always on my radar. After spending 10 years in London, working in senior leadership positions, I moved to Australia, where I continued to take on demanding roles.


I cannot count the number of times I ignored my mental health to beat a deadline, crammed my calendar to be more ‘productive’, and failed to delegate to ensure a job was done 'properly'. Our urgency-addicted society wears busy-ness as a badge of honour, but too often our need to speed up and achieve more leads to mental and physical burnout. 

Back then, all that ‘honorable’ sacrifice of my own wellbeing didn't seem important in the face of my professional achievements. Because, 'you have to work extra hard if you want to amount to anything', right? I was exchanging my emotional wellbeing for what I perceived as 'success' but no matter what I did, my inner voice told me it was never good enough. Like so many wonderful women I met, I constantly felt I had something to prove.


Then one night, as I worked to meet another project deadline, I realised I had become stuck in an unhealthy cycle. I no longer wanted to go on like this. Life is too short! And what good is it if you are not mentally or physically at your best? What if I could find daily balance and fulfilment? What if I no longer felt that I had to prove myself? Could I throw perfectionism out of the window and finally say, 'I am enough'?

I did not change things straight away. It took me time to discover and align with myself again – to get to know Natalia and what it was that inspired and motivated her. 

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What if I no longer felt that I had to prove myself?

Could I throw perfectionism out the window and finally say, 'I am enough'?

First I turned to self-development books, coaching podcasts and psychology blogs. While I learned a lot, they didn't give me the solutions I was looking for. The trouble was my fear of letting go, venturing into something completely new. Finally, I shared my dilemma with a friend, who recommended hypnotherapy as a way to silence the overthinking and tap into my subconscious mind for answers.

After a single hypnotherapy session I felt stronger, my mindset shifted towards solutions instead of challenges.  I now had the confidence to leave a secure and successful career behind to pursue a new goal that truly inspired me – becoming the best hypnotherapist I can be, to help others grow and change too.

I love hypnotherapy because it’s empowering, fast acting with permanent results. It does not require a talk fest or digging into blame. It helps us tap into the subconscious mind and use our own power to work through emotional triggers, replacing negative internal dialogue with positive. A full upgrade of your beliefs!

I am now a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and EMI and NLP practitioner, and a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA), the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA). I continue to learn and upgrade my skills all the time to make sure I have a variety of tools at my fingertips that work for my clients. My goal is to be the best hypnotherapist for anyone wanting to shift into a growth mindset and create a more satisfying life.

I work with people going through all kinds of experiences. I especially enjoy helping results-driven women who are tired of feeling not enough, stuck in a loop of fears, constantly striving for perfection, feeling overwhelmed, or lacking confidence and struggling with professional burnout.

 Thanks to hypnotherapy, I see my clients overcome all kinds of struggles and forge the life path they truly want. I would love to help you do the same!

How I Can Help You

If you feel stuck in a cycle of positive intentions and a feeling of failure, hypnotherapy can help you to break it. Together, we will get to the root of your procrastination or addiction. We will find out why you freeze when faced with a chance to shine, why you can't shift the fog of anxiety and stress. 


Hypnotherapy can help you develop natural confidence and true self-belief. We will discover a clear path that aligns with the future you imagine for yourself. As we unleash the power of your mind, you will very quickly begin to make the real and lasting changes you want.

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