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Signature Mindset Coaching Programs

Not just your traditional coaching!

Confidence - Career - Relationships 

mindset coaching Sydney

Are you seeking clarity or looking to create changes in your everyday mindset, your career or your love life? You think you are all logic and don't believe in 'woo-woo' and yet the will power is starting to run low, and you are not sure you can figure it out on your own?

While traditional coaching is excellent at helping us make congruent choices and come up with an action plan, it is simply not enough to helps us access that hidden creative part of our brain, or subconscious.

Unlike conscious choices, our deep-seated habits, beliefs and feelings are carried out subconsciously, outside our awareness. We don't control them through determination and will power like we do our deliberate choices. The most common way to access our subconscious mind is through hypnosis but at the same time traditional hypnotherapy is not for everyone. 

In these programs I combine Solution Focused Mindset Coaching and best parts of hypnotherapy methods (without taking you into hypnosis) to help you work on both levels, with your logic and your feelings. This creates a powerful solution for change that is true to your authentic self.

More about Mindset Coaching and what it is.

Confidence Hypnotherapy Sydney

'Become Unstoppable'
Confidence Coaching Program

Perfect to rid yourself from the imposter syndrome and help you grow your confidence

Do you suffer from self-doubt, feeling like a fraud, always striving for perfection, feeling not enough or stuck in a dissatisfying life afraid to follow your own path? 

This unique program helps you to increase your self-esteem, find courage to say 'no' and eliminate self-sabotage. Discover your own unique unstoppable confidence, say big YES to the life you really want!

Think of this Program a spring clean for your mindset! Methods from clinical hypnosis combined with mindset coaching techniques will help you to build your confidence and self-acceptance, working through your limiting beliefs towards change and a happier you.

First we will equip you with techniques to silence your inner critic, and then deal with the underlying emotional triggers and limiting beliefs that hold you back. This will free you to tap into what you truly want for yourself and your future, and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviour. 


You will experience mindset shift and feel your self-confidence blossom as you overcome underlying fears and worries, establishing inner harmony and healthy boundaries.

The program is 4 months long with 8 online coaching sessions and a personalised self-hypnosis audio at the end of the program to help you keep implementing the change.


'Entrepreneur Mindset' 
Career Clarity Coaching Program

You can choose to work on your Money Mindset and Career Clarity, or finding and opening up to your Purpose.

Do you have specific goals in your professional life that elude you? Do you want to totally change direction, but fear failure? Your belief in real or perceived limitations are holding you back. It's time to shift your mindset and shoot for that goal!

The Entrepreneur Mindset Program helps you develop the growth mindset you need for a fulfilling work life. Before you sign up you will need to decide whether you are interested in finding yourself or growing and developing in your current career. 


Sometimes our limiting beliefs and emotional trauma, especially post professional burnout, stop us from connecting with our true self, hearing our wants and needs and progressing towards our professional goals, be it career growth or our own business. Other times our limiting beliefs around self-worth and an unhealthy relationship with money stop us from pursuing growth and development in our current careers.


With mindset coaching we will bypass all the outer noise and help you discover what you truly want your career path to be. Using phenomenal techniques from hypnosis we will then explore your blocks and limitations, realigning your mindset with the outcome you want. Know that you can achieve a healthy work/life balance, see your true worth and confidently ask for what you want from your manager, or recover from burnout and get motivated to climb further up or change direction. Whatever your goal, this programme have you moving forward with confidence and clarity!

This program is 6 months long with 12 sessions that combine solution-focused coaching, powerful NLP and hypnosis techniques. You will also receive two personalised self-hypnosis audios to help you reinforce those powerful new thinking patterns and behaviour.


This program can change your life but it is not a magic pill, your readiness and commitment to create change is key to your success.   

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Relationship Hypnotherapy Sydney
Get ready for love hypnotherapy

Relationship & Dating Mindset:
Say 'Yes' to love! 

Relationships are essential to our wellbeing, bringing meaning, comfort and happiness. Whether you have a partner or choose to be single, surround yourself with family or prefer to be with friends, don't settle for less than you deserve!

The Dating & Relationships hypno-coaching program helps you to understand what you want from your relationships, and to assess how happy you are right now.


Many women repeat self-sabotaging behaviours in their family or love relationships. Perhaps you struggle to maintain healthy boundaries or find it difficult to communicate your needs. Many have a deep-rooted fear of rejection that leads to anxiety. 


With the help of mindset coaching and empowering methods from clinical hypnosis we will help you to gain clarity on what you want, work on your underlying insecurities, so that you can let go of the past, trust yourself in search of a partner, and learn to establish healthier and authentic relationships.

This program is 3 months long with 6 online coaching sessions and a personalised self-hypnosis audio at the end of the program to help you keep implementing the change.

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