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How much does hypnotherapy cost?

'The most important investment you can make is in yourself...nobody can tax it or take it away from you'

-Warren Buffet

Hypnotherapy, also known as clinical hypnosis, is a form of psychotherapy that utilises hypnosis to create immediate and permanent mindset shifts. Clinical hypnotherapy is a gentle, scientifically proven therapeutic technique, known to produce results within only a few sessions. It has gained recognition as an effective treatment option for a wide range of mental health conditions and personal development goals.


Not only does it enable you to move forward with life but it also helps you directly access your subconscious mind and release whatever blockages may be holding you back.

Whether you're seeking to boost self-esteem, overcome procrastination, achieve weight loss, manage anxiety, alleviate pain, conquer phobias, break free from addictions, cope with PTSD, improve sleep, or navigate postnatal depression, hypnotherapy has emerged as a popular and effective alternative treatment. However, you might wonder if it's a worthwhile investment.

What is the average cost of hypnotherapy in Sydney?

Factors that influence hypnosis costs

How many hypnosis sessions might you need? 

Is hypnotherapy covered by Medicare?

Tips to pay less for hypnotherapy services

Is hypnotherapy worth the cost? 

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Common hypnosis myths

How much do hypnotherapy services cost in Sydney? 

When considering the cost of hypnotherapy in Sydney, it's important for you to conduct a personal cost-benefit analysis and determine if it's a worthy investment. You might initially find the cost of hypnotherapy to be high, but let's explore how the potential benefits can outweigh the expenses in the long run.


Imagine you're struggling with anxiety and procrastination. While the upfront cost of hypnotherapy may give you pause, think about the potential benefits of improved mental health and a better quality of life. These advantages could lead to long-term savings on healthcare costs and overall well-being.


Hypnotherapy sessions vary in length and type. Depending on where you are in Australia, hypnotherapists charge an hourly rate ranging from $170 to $300. The hypnotherapy cost in Sydney is on average $200–$300 per 60mins session. This is in line with other mental health services. Unlike other psychological therapies, clinical hypnotherapy works faster, which means the overall cost of your investment is much lower. 


Often, the fee for your first session includes an initial consultation. I offer a free initial consultation to help you decide if hypnotherapy is right for you, and to see if we are a good fit. A good rapport with your hypnotherapist leads to the best results from your hypnosis sessions. 

4 key factors that influence costs:

  • Type of hypnotherapy

    • Some hypnotherapy modalities require specialised training (for example Emotional Mind Integration, which is used for trauma healing and works wonders for managing emotional triggers and unconscious fears). These sessions usually take more than one hour, hence the cost per session would be higher;

    • Other types, like smoking cessation or gastric banding are more popular and require fewer sessions to produce results, which also impacts the asking price.

  • Number of sessions required

    • Packages are usually cheaper than a 'pay as you go' option.

  • Experience and training 

    • Many hypnotherapists are trained in various mental health modalities like coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, NLP, etc, which will impact their asking price, since they would have more tools that could help you achieve your goal besides classic hypnotherapy techniques.

  • Online vs. in-person is rarely a factor as the price depends mostly on a session length and a hypnotherapist's experience

How many hypnosis sessions are needed?

The number of sessions needed for hypnotherapy to be effective will vary depending on the individual and your therapeutic goal.


Like any therapy it takes a few sessions to build changes. Hypnotherapy works fast, so you will probably only need around 4 sessions – unlike other therapies that can go on for years! The pace of transformation, however, entirely depends on you, how long you have had the condition for, and your desire for change.

There are some situations that will take longer to address with some conditions taking up to 10 or 12 sessions. After all, some of our core habits and beliefs took a life time to form and grow in our subconscious. It's ok to be patient with yourself and allow for time to heal and install new neural pathways. The goal is for you to do better, not just to feel better. 

Is hypnotherapy covered by Medicare?

Medicare does not cover hypnotherapy as a stand-alone treatment option. However, there are certain circumstances in which Medicare may cover hypnotherapy as part of a broader treatment plan. For Medicare to provide coverage for hypnotherapy, it must be deemed medically necessary and performed by a licensed healthcare provider in a medically necessary setting, such as a hospital or outpatient clinic. Hypnotherapy may be covered if it is used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for a covered medical condition, and if it meets the specific criteria set by Medicare. It is important that you speak with Medicare expert to understand the claim details. 

While Medicare coverage for hypnotherapy may have limitations, it is worth exploring alternative insurance options. Some private insurance plans may provide coverage for hypnotherapy if it is considered medically necessary and delivered by a licensed healthcare provider. You will need to receive hypnotherapy from a clinical psychologist or your hypnotherapist will need to be a member of professional clinical hypnotherapy associations in order to qualify for rebates.


It is important that you review your insurance policy documents and consult with your healthcare provider or insurance representative to determine if hypnotherapy is covered under their specific insurance plan and terms and conditions. Additionally, alternative financing options such as payment plans or financial assistance from nonprofit organisations or foundations may be available to help make hypnotherapy more affordable in case yo do not have insurance coverage.

Please contact your health fund to check the details of your policy before booking a session and ask for the information you may need to request from your hypnotherapist.

How many hypnotherapy sessions
How to get insurance rebates

How to spend less on hypnotherapy

If budget is a problem, there are a few ways you can reduce the cost of your hypnotherapy treatment:

  • Purchase a package with multiple sessions - often hypnotherapy costs less when you purchase a package vs an individual session. Always have an initial consultation with your chosen hypnotherapist before committing to a package. If you choose to book your first hypnotherapy session with me, I give you an option at the end of the session to purchase a package, which means the fee paid for your first session will be discounted from the package price. 

  • Opt for a less experienced hypnotherapist - as with most professions if your hypnotherapist is just starting in their career, they will charge less as they will need to accumulate clinical hours. You can even look for a student hypnotherapist, who is working on their training hours in order to get certified. Usually they work under supervision from their mentor and give you a form to sign that will mention that your session details will be shared with their mentor for training purposes.  

  • Look for a hypnotherapist with fewer credentials. If a hypnotherapist specialises in hypnotherapy alone (like smoking cessation) and no other special modalities, they usually charge less. That said, make sure your hypnotherapist is legit. The easiest way to check is to ask if they belong to a professional association like AHA or ASCH. They can share with you their membership number. 

Is hypnosis treatment worth the cost?

Like many other psychological therapies, hypnotherapy has the power to transform your life. It is a collaborative process and you need to take an active part to induce the change. Hypnotherapy works faster, which means the overall cost is much lower. 


Do you have a vice that dulls your senses? Without taking action for change, many turn to other supports to feel better, such as retail therapy, drinking, smoking, food, social media and Netflix binge watching. Add up the amount you spend on these activities or the amount of potential earnings you are missing out on, and hypnotherapy doesn't seem expensive.

The cost of hypnotherapy can vary depending on several factors, including the hypnotherapist's experience and location, the type of issue being addressed, and the number of sessions required. It's important to research different hypnotherapists and their fees to find one that fits your budget and needs.

It's also important to consider the potential costs of not seeking treatment. Mental and physical health issues can have a significant impact on your life, affecting your relationships, career, and overall well-being. By investing in hypnotherapy, you can address these issues and improve their quality of life, potentially saving more money in the long run.

Hypnosis, especially when combined with NLP and coaching techniques, is proven to be extremely effective in tackling a wide range of issues. So if you're wondering whether you can afford to choose hypnotherapy, can you really afford not to?

Is hypnotherapy worth the cost

What hypnotherapy can help with

Despite popular beliefs that hypnotherapy can only help to give up smoking and lose weight, has many more functions. Below you can see some of them. For a more extensive list, see my hypnotherapy page.

Stress & Anxiety

Life can feel too much sometimes, especially in times of uncertainty or change. Prolonged stress can cause headaches, anxiety, and overwhelm. It affects your sleep, digestion and immune system. Hypnotherapy has a proven track record in reducing stress and anxiety, helping you to manage burnout, depression, ADHD symptoms and gut health. 

More about hypnosis for anxiety

More about gut health and stress hypnotherapy

Habits & Confidence

Struggling to break habits or silence that inner critic? Or perhaps you are stuck in the indecision loop? Relying on willpower alone is not enough.

Hypnosis draws on the power of your subconscious mind to help you resolve the root cause of your habitual behaviour and thoughts, increase motivation and eliminate fear.

More about hypnotherapy for confidence


Relationships are one of the most triggering aspects of life. It's vital for you to connect with what makes you truly happy, practise healthy boundaries, have courage to say 'no' without guilt, and let go of your deep-seated fears. Hypnotherapy can enable you to acknowledge your true needs, and take care of yourself while opening up to new possibilities.

Learn here how hypnotherapy can help with relationship issues

Weight Loss 

Many women struggle with unhealthy food habits and body image, often related to weight, gut health and fitness.

Hypnosis can help you transform your eating habits, resolve emotional triggers and self-sabotaging patterns, change the way you see yourself in the mirror, and motivate you to follow your chosen diet plan and exercise routine. 

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Emotional Trauma

Deeply upsetting and painful events early in life can stay with you, forming emotional triggers that lead to self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, anxiety or depression. Understanding and healing the child within you is vital for your wellbeing and your ability to move forward in life. Hypnotherapy can help you to safely connect and heal your inner child, and make real, long-lasting change.

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Are you ready to take action and invest in your future?  

Hypnotherapy Costs in Sydney
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