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How to be confident: hypnosis & coaching for confidence

Discover an unstoppable you with the power of hypnosis and coaching for confidence. Reboot your mindset, reclaim your self-belief and say YES to the life you really want.

Do you sometimes feel self-doubt cloud your judgement? Does fear of being rejected or judged prevent you from speaking up or taking action? 

Your inner critic can be harsh, pushing you towards impossible perfectionism and telling you constantly that you're not good enough.

Imagine kicking out those negative thoughts and feelings! Coaching for confidence helps you reboot your mindset, so you learn how to be confident, assertive and unstoppable in pursuing your life goals!

My hypnosis for confidence and coaching Sydney services can help you achieve this.

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Imagine if you could ... ?

Trust your own judgement and abilities, have confidence to shine, gear yourself into action, and finally land that amazing career opportunity!

Easily say 'no' to pleasing others, make time for your self-care, command respect and easily enforce personal boundaries at work and in social life.

Turn that inner critic into your inspiring cheerleader, feel great about yourself and more optimistic about your goals.

Step into your own power and follow your own dreams instead of living your life according to someone else's design. 

What if I told you that becoming confident is easier than you think?

How I can help you to be confident

With a blend of hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques, I can help you to change your perspective and learn to feel great about yourself, and how to be confident. Together we will correct the unhelpful thoughts and stop self-sabotaging behaviour that have been destroying your confidence all this time.

In our one-to-one confidence building hypnotherapy and coaching sessions, we will gradually increase your self-belief, self-awareness and self-acceptance. This will help you to uncover what you truly want for yourself and your future, establish healthy boundaries at work and at home, overcome underlying self-doubt and free the true you. 





Why hypnosis is so effective for mindset growth

Hypnosis transforms your mindset by harnessing the power already within you. It gives you access to your subconscious beliefs and the root cause of your lack of confidence. With the help of a hypnotherapist you can rewire and upgrade your thinking patterns to create an empowered mindset.


The reason for the success of confidence hypnotherapy lies in the subconscious. As children we are born with confidence and then something happens and we start gradually lacking in it. Our teachers, friends, siblings, parents, and even the media can negatively influence our self-belief. We start developing self-deprecating thinking, or setting impossibly high standards for ourselves.

What you habitually think has a direct impact on what you do. Your subconscious mind determines success and failure.


Hypnosis allows you to gently bypass your critical thinking mind and over-write internalised destructive patterns, then install positive more resourceful thoughts, leading to a new, growth mindset.

What you need is a deep mindset shift – rapid and lasting!

In our sessions I will give you a proper strategy for your mindset, one that works, 
so you can finally unlock the subconscious chains that hold you back and free yourself to be confident and live the life you want.

Are you ready to take action? Book your complimentary session today.

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hypnotherapy for confidence

How will your coaching for confidence sessions work?


Identify and understand your root cause of self-doubts.


Resolve past negative experiences in a safe and nurturing space.


Learn to recognise critical voices that are not your own. 


Upgrade thinking patterns into resourceful pathways.

What my Clients Say 

' I saw Natalia in relation to my general internal lack of confidence.  I found her hypnosis sessions incredibly uplifting and they worked incredibly well. Her hypnotherapy and coaching approach have helped me to feel much more confident which has now morphed into many other aspects of my life as I had hoped it would.  I would highly recommend Natalia as she is a genuine, caring and kind person and I felt very at ease with her whilst discussing certain aspects of my life and I trusted her implicitly.' 

- hypnotherapy, Sydney

How many hypnotherapy sessions will I need to be confident?

For any therapy, including coaching for confidence, to be successful, it is essential for you to be 100% committed to change, and to feel a rapport with your therapist. This is why I recommend you start with a free clarity call. During this call we can chat about your confidence related goals and your challenges. This is also your chance to ask me any questions you may have and see if we are a good fit. 

I take a personalised approach, designed according to your needs. It is hard to tell how many sessions you will need in advance as it will depend on your goal and current situation. Typically clients feel a difference in confidence and self-esteem within 3 to 6 sessions.


Whether you chose 3 or 6 sessions, during your last session, we will assess if you need more coaching or hypnotherapy for any specific issues that bother you. If so, you will have the option to add on more sessions at a special rate. 

It's your time – take the first step towards real and lasting change!

With your hypnosis for confidence coaching sessions you can.....

1. Boost your confidence in any area of your life

2. Set clear life goals that are authentic to your true self

3. Come up with an action plan that is congruent with your values

4. Adopt an empowering mindset to help you reach your goal