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5 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help with Weight Loss

When you are looking to lose weight, you will try anything. But when all the fad diets and extreme exercise regimes fall through, what can you do next? You may need to address your mindset so that you can finally drop the weight you want to lose - and hypnotherapy for weight loss might be able to help!

Here are 5 ways that hypnotherapy could help you lose weight.

hypnotherapy for weight loss sydney

1. Uncover your true feelings

It can be all too easy to block and ignore your real feelings on things and simply blame yourself for being “lazy” or having no discipline. Hypnotherapy can help you become more relaxed and suggestible, easing you into a state for you to be more vulnerable with your emotions and reasons you are struggling with weight loss. This can help you to delve deeper into your own psyche and come to an in-depth understanding of what is stopping you from success in losing an unwanted weight.

2. Explore weight loss blocks using hypnotherapy

One of the main ways that hypnotherapy can help with weight loss is by exploring what is blocking your weight loss progress.

  • Do you overeat or avoid exercise?

  • Are you banning and restricting food only to binge on it later, putting you in an unhealthy and upsetting cycle?

  • Are you struggling with external pressures that throw you off track?

Your hypnotherapist will work with you to uncover the blocks which are keeping you from meeting your goals and find strategies to overcome them.

3. Helping you to visualise your weight loss goals

A large part of hypnotherapy for weight loss is solution-focused visualisation. You will work towards visualising your goals and the body you wish to have. This positive visualisation can help you to strive towards the future you want rather than only seeing your present and feeling underwhelmed by your lack of progress.

4. Increase positivity and confidence

Negative self-talk and feeling bad about yourself can hold you back. Hypnotherapy can help you to battle the anxiety and bad feelings that you have about yourself, your body and your progress. Negativity is not motivating, and hypnotherapy can retrain you to focus on the positives and increase your confidence now, so you feel more able to take control of your diet and exercise.

5. Teach you how to deal with lapses

Even if you are doing well with your weight loss, lapses and relapses can happen. With hypnotherapy, you will learn how to deal with these lapses in a more positive way, rather than punishing yourself for these inevitable down moments. So you can learn how to move forward and have more success in the future. Hypnotherapy can help you to remember that small lapses (or even big ones) mean you are trying and you shouldn’t give up.

If you are interested in Sydney weight loss hypnotherapy, then get in touch! Based in Sydney, I use hypnotherapy to help my clients to improve their lives in a range of ways, from anxiety and depression, to gut health and stress relief to weight loss. Let me know how I can use my skills to support you.


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