How hypnotherapy can help manage IBS?

Updated: Mar 17

Hypnotherapy has dozens of uses and purposes. One of the recent, emergent uses for this unique form of therapy is in helping to restore gut health. Coined as gut-directed hypnotherapy, early insights have shown that with the right tools and training, hypnotherapy can aid in the reduction of some of the more severe and painful symptoms of IBS.

How does hypnotherapy help with gut health?

Hypnotherapy has a wide range of positive applications, one of which is supporting a healthier gut and body as a whole. Unlike regular therapy, much of the work that a therapist does in hypnotherapy acts on the subconscious. This includes the various functions our body performs without conscious thought.

Hypnotherapy for gut health, for example, may involve providing concepts and suggestions to help normalise the function of the gut. This suggestion could include metaphorically taking medication or relaxing a painful stomach due to anxiety or stress, which could lead to an IBS flare.

Can hypnotherapy cure IBS?

IBS has no known medical cure, other than in cases where a connected, curable illness causes the condition. As such, hypnotherapy cannot cure this condition. However, just like any chronic health condition, the way that you manage your symptoms and care for yourself can make a significant difference in how you feel day to day. Proper care and attention, such as through hypnotherapy, can significantly lessen IBS symptoms, allowing you to lead a happier, pain-free life.

What symptoms of IBS does hypnotherapy help to manage?

Some of the painful and debilitating symptoms that IBS can cause include diarrhoea, constipation, tenderness, bloating, pain and cramps. Much like with other chronic conditions, hypnotherapy for gut health works to lessen those painful symptoms. While the IBS does still exist as a diagnosis, hypnotherapy is a valuable tool in managing and reducing the impact of this condition overall.

Research has also suggested that hypnotherapy can help in the mechanisms between the gut and brain. By psychologically and subconsciously improving the speed of digestion and reducing overall sensitivity, it's possible to see a real difference in everyday life. In some people, hypnotherapy may be as effective as a FODMAP diet, reducing restrictions on what they eat and providing a better quality of life overall.

Should you try hypnotherapy for IBS?

If you have suffered from IBS in the past or are currently experiencing active IBS symptoms in a flare, hypnotherapy may be an ideal addition to your treatment routine. Alongside any prescribed medical treatment, hypnotherapy can provide relief and freedom against the painful and sometimes limiting symptoms of IBS.

If you're interested in gut-directed hypnotherapy in Sydney or you'd like to know more about how gut health treatments work, I can help! At Everyday Mindset Hypnotherapy, I have experience in helping my patients manage the symptoms of IBS effectively, giving them freedom from this chronic condition. For more information, get in touch today to book an appointment.

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