Hypnosis Quiz: can you be hypnotised?

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Take this quiz and find out if hypnotherapy is the right therapy for you.

Sydney Hypnosis

19 and above: highly receptive

You have an excellent imagination and can access your emotions easily. You have an innate ability to concentrate and focus your attention with minimum input from an external source.

You have an exceptional mind that would respond very well to a course of hypnotherapy. If you are seeking to make a mindset shift, hypnotherapy can help you accelerate this change in a relatively short period of time.

13 - 18: moderately receptive

While you prefer to be 'in control' and use analytical side of your brain, on occasions you can be spontaneous and “let yourself go”. There is a tendency to overthink, but you have a strong intuition and once you have tapped into your inner self, the answer usually becomes apparent to you.

You possess a great mind for hypnosis but may have some inhibitions about the process or the experience. To be able to let your guard down and relax, it is important that you have a good rapport with your hypnotherapist. Ask as many questions a you have to let yourself feel comfortable with the process. Avoid judging yourself during the process. You mind knows how to participate in hypnosis in just the right way for you. And remember, if anything, hypnotherapy will add more control to your life, not take it away. With some practice and after a few sessions, you are likely to achieve a deeper state of hypnosis if you choose to.

Below 13: slightly receptive

You prefer to rely on analytical part of your brain and shy away from some very effective personal mental resources like your creativity and emotions.

Being in control makes you feel safe. Accepting help may feel like losing that control.

You do not like spontaneity. You find it easier to relax once you are absolutely exhausted.

While certain barriers would need to be addressed through the course of your treatment, hypnotherapy can be very beneficial to you. If you chose to give hypnotherapy a go, make sure you really want change and you select a hypnotherapist that you feel satisfies you requirements. It might be that referral from a friend who had results is the best option.

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